Tales of the Heartless takes place on another world….PLAT!
Pirate captain Terlinda Loran(AKA Terlinda the Heartless) takes over her mother’s ship…The Heartless….and her all female crew…
and searches the seas for plunder! in this first story…her travels takes her on a mission to save her world….
her only male crew member is her lazy brother Jake.

Guest starring Megan the Pirate Hunter….a character by my friend Pumpmonger(the same guy that created Red)

Captain Belle….nicknamed Captain Blood Hair(I LOVE that nickname) is sent by her nation Terga to bring the Pirates to justice
Captain Blood Hair belongs to ChickFighter(www.chickfighter@deviantart.com) she also came up with that cool nickname… I love it!


Follow the adventures of the Pirate women on the world of PLAT!!!!