Well…the party is over, and most of the guests go home. Liticia, Lady
Bear, Lola(Nekkid) Linda, and Cyndy Blue hang out in Liticia’s Basement.
They have more and more drinks…Well…after the fight between Bear
and Cyndy was broken up(and Cyndy was tossed out of the House) Tina
Challenged Bear to a death match….”hey…THIS time, I’m not breaking
up shit!”Lola said…”you two do this…I’m just drinking… and
watching! If you two enter that ring…it’s to the death!” Liticia then
said”Well…I went through all this trouble to build this ring in my
basement…I wanna see a damn DEATH MATCH!”Bear and Tina went into
Liticia’s Basement. and got in the ring. Then they began their match.
Bear wins. Liticia was very happy.